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Popular Magic: Cunning-folk in English History
Owen Davies
Supernatural: Meetings with the Ancient Teachers of Mankind
Graham Hancock, Rick Strassman, Roy Watling
When Prophecy Fails: A Social and Psychological Study of a Modern Group that Predicted the Destruction of the World
Leon Festinger, Henry W. Riecken, Stanley Schachter
Madame Tussaud: and the History of Waxworks
Pamela M. Pilbeam

Queen of the Modern Gothic Tale

We Have Always Lived in the Castle - Shirley Jackson, Thomas Ott, Jonathan Lethem

Shirley Jackson kicked butt. In my mind she was the queen of the modern gothic tale, with Angela Carter running close behind. We Have Always Lived in the Castle is a brilliant gothic story. ( It reminds me of The Wasp Factory, although, of course, it was written far earlier.) Beautifully written. Each sentence is a delight in itself. Highly recommended. 

"Fate intervened. Some of us, that day, she led inexorably through the gates of death. Some of us, innocent and unsuspecting, took, unwillingly, that one last step to oblivion...'