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How to Be a Woman - Caitlin Moran

Dnf, therefore no rating.

There were parts of How To Be A Woman that I loved, especially the early chapters. Yet the questionable nature of some of the humor, and certain over-generalised statements, finally outweighed the good. It's a shame. I read in another review that this book might have worked better if it had been pitched as an autobiography, with feminist ideas, rather than a feminist book with autobiographic passages. I think this would have been a better option. It is not the next brilliant manifesto. 

"Most sexism is down to men being accustomed to us being the losers. That's what the problem is. We just have bad status." "...women have basically done fuck all for the last 100,000 years." (p 134) 

Now these passages just plain disappointed me. First off the statements are untrue. Secondly Ms Moran shows a complete lack of understanding of history, and of women's lot in any given time period. She also views 'accomplishments' with very male eyes. 

I read on past this point, but the book never recovered in my eyes. As I said, it's a shame. Ms Moran tells a story well. I wanted to enjoy it more.