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Olga Masters Knew Her Country Town Gossip

A Long Time Dying - Olga Masters

A Long Time Dying is a collection of passages or interconnected short stories, about the townsfolk of Cobargo, a small, country town in New South Wales, Australia.


The writing is beautiful and Olga Masters is great at conveying character through gestures and actions.


I lived in Cobargo several years ago, and reading about the small town gossip still riles me. It's amazing being able to remember all the places mentioned, right down to the tiny details: shops, schools, the creek, the houses. Not only that, but Masters did little to change names, and I recognised several opinionated old biddies whom I'd encountered in my time there. 


I leave you with a quote from the book, that sums up the sentiment of the times: 

"This is your punishment! Like it or not, it's your punishment!"...Millie was born about two hours after they reached the Bega hospital. Faces bowed in their deep shame, Amy and Arthur were prepared to leave as soon as Annie was shut away in the labour ward."