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The Enemy Series by Charlie Higson

The Enemy (The Enemy #1) - Charlie Higson The Dead - Charlie Higson The Fear - Charlie Higson The Sacrifice - Charlie Higson The Fallen - Charlie Higson

Book 1: The Enemy

4 stars.


Fast paced. Fun. Gory, and truly sickening in places. Great characters, with realistic reactions to the disintegration of the world around them.



Book 2: The Dead

4 stars.



Book 3: The Fear

2 stars. 


So why have I rated this book 2 stars, and the preceding two, both 4 stars? Quite frankly, they are becoming depressing. It's all fine and well keeping things dark and dramatic, but readers need some resolution, or progress to be made in each and every book, not just at the end of the series. It doesn't necessarily have to be a HEA, but some hope that things could eventually get better. 

I felt that the author's motto was: if in doubt, kill them off. So much so, that I no longer wish to connect with the characters. I know full well that they will get eaten, bashed or shot by accident, develop a terrible infection, and ultimately die. And with the fourth book entitled The Sacrifice, I'm pretty sure it's only going to get grimmer. Also, after heaping death upon death, the author left us with a nasty cliff hanger. 

I also found myself skimming through the zombie attacks. There is only so much tearing and rending I can read, before it gets to be same old. Now this is going to be a seven book series! Who's going to be left to carry on the story? Will he just introduce a new cast to kill off? I'm a stubborn thing, so I've just started book four, but if it's like book three, I won't bother reading the next three books when they are released. 


Book 4: The Sacrifice

4 stars


Glad the threads start to tie together in this book. Not so many main characters hacked off either. Interesting ideas becoming clearer. I can see the possibility of hope, in amongst the horror and gore. I will continue on with the series when the other books are released.


Book 5: The Fallen


Charlie Higson I hate you. You are one sadistic bastard. I can't believe you left me there, at that point. :/ You know I can't opt out of this series now that I'm so far in.  I don't trust you at all. I'm extremely suspicious about who you will choose to slaughter next, given the set up. The final scene was just sick.


Please hurry up and deliver the next book. And did I mention how much I hate you? 



So far the series is cruising for a four star rating...